The feature of a HLS system

Anyone can use.
22-language correspondence. 87% of world population is covered.
Since it corresponds also to the Japanese HIRAGANA, medical support to a deaf-mute can also be performed.
It is also possible to utilize as an electronic medical recoding system by use of only a native language.
It can use immediately.
The environment only for a visitor can be prepared in the shortest half a day from a contract.
When you are required, a use start can be carried out immediately.
Each service divides the service function for medical institution persons, for patients, and for user, carrying out the taken-in designs, such as an attestation function.
The introduced day to a beginning of mission is possible for you.
A server and software management needlessness
I always provide service of the latest version in the Cloud environment.
Employment and maintenance work of servers, such as backup and obstacle correspondence, is unnecessary.
It is easy access also from a mobile terminal.
There are no complicated network setup and additional charge.
Not only the use from PC but connection from mobile terminals, such as a smart phone and a tablet, can be made.
Use by off-line is also possible for a mobile terminal.
Furthermore, cooperation of an existing electronic medical recoding system and medical data is possible.
It is standard offer about firm security.
Since you use the Cloud environment safely, you can use IP address restrictions and BASIC attestation for free.
It is quick and is a service use start at budget prices.
Since supply of the systems configuration and IT resources which were formerly necessity by the Cloud type service is unnecessary, a service start is possible at a low price for a short period of time.
Moreover, in order to use only required IT resource, useless cost does not occur.
It can use by the payment of initial-setting expenses and monthly amount expense.
A part for the required number can be added at any time.
The minimum contract term is from one month.
It responds also to short use flexibly.
Since a user addition can be carried out per 1 user always, there is no futility.
There is a setup of the number of the minimum contract users.

The safe total support from introduction to employment is performed in our company.


Industry-university cooperation

[Health Life Service] was developed by the joint research of Knowledge Creation Technology Co., Ltd. and GUNMA UNIVERSITY Medical department

GUNMA UNIVERSITY Medical department

Knowledge Creation Technology Co., Ltd