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Solution Service Divisionbusiness content

We propose the solution to solve the problems by cooperating with external vendor and strengthen of high growth potential application package.

In addition, we build business model (duties reform) centering on the consultation and will plan the entry to the medium and small-sized business domain that IT capital spending increases in future.

We are developing our own application (next generation SaaS incorporating in SOA) which response to the customers needs.

AI business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an artificial reproduction of intellectual behavior such as language understanding, reasoning, and problem solving using a computer. The word AI dates back to 1956, but with the advent of deep learning in 2006 and the development of big data since the 2010s, it is not a transient epidemic but today Increasingly permeates society. In addition, examples of utilizing AI such as automatic response by cleaning robots and chatbots, and automatic driving of cars are increasing.

Many AI-related companies are gathered in European countries, mainly the UK, and are leading this field. Knowledge Creation Technology also opened a London office in 2018 so that customers in various industries such as medical, finance and agriculture can effectively utilize AI technology such as machine learning and deep learning while incorporating the latest research trends. I support you. We will continue to accelerate the development of services that appropriately and promptly introduce corporate AI in accordance with business goals.

Fintech business

With rapid advances in the Internet and technology, there is a major change in the existing financial system around the world. FinTech, which creates new value by fusing the core technologies of finance and finance and IT technology, has brought great swells to the financial world. Over the next 10 years, the fusion of humans and machines will continue to increase, the number of unattended services that function automatically will increase, the transition to cashless will progress, and the environment surrounding finance will further diversify.

Knowledge Creation Technology uses technologies such as AI, blockchain, and big data based on the knowledge gained from the development of mission-critical business systems at existing financial systems, banks including megabanks, securities companies, investment trusts, and insurance companies. Will be used to create a new financial business model. Providing ICT solutions in the financial field, such as PFM (Personal Financial Management), crowdfunding, social lending (P2P lending), with “credit,” “safety,” “safety,” and “convenient” at the core I will go.

Aerospace business

Apollo 11 first landed on the moon in 1969, just 50 years ago. The environment surrounding space development has changed drastically in the last half century, and the space development led by the government has changed to the private sector, which sees space as a new business use opportunity. In Knowledge Creation Technology, we will create new value by combining our strengths in ICT technology with space big data and satellite data.

In particular, the amount of insurance is paid, such as a mechanism for efficiently predicting the growth of crops, the state of growth of crops, and efficient farm management plans, and determining the amount of insurance according to conditions for farms that have a large impact from insurance and climate prediction. Providing future services, forecasting futures transactions, and investing based on statistical data from each country so far, using space big data to predict statistical data independently and forecast futures transactions.

We will expand our business in Japan and the ASEAN region by providing information on the company’s sales status based on information such as the availability of information, stock price forecasts, and the amount of light that can be observed with artificial satellites. We are also conducting research and development on drone technology, remote sensing technology, logistics and operational efficiency, etc., for the era of flying cars.