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Okinawa Office

Okinawa Office

The Okinawa office was established in July 2016.

Established a business hub for Asia Pacific to bring development know-how cultivated in the Tokyo metropolitan area, centered on Tokyo, into Okinawa since its foundation in 2008, and to develop business in Southeast Asia (ASEAN), which will grow as a market in the future Did.

In Southeast Asia, smartphones have prevailed before PCs, and business systems that use PCs are not widely used.
As IT becomes more and more advanced in the future, Japanese technology will be provided by incorporating business systems in the fields of medical care, education, finance, etc., and technology will be provided so that the IT society can be enriched overseas. I want to do it.

In the future, we will accelerate business development overseas, especially in Okinawa.

Our company is not in the so-called near shore format, where the work ordered in Tokyo is contracted in Okinawa.
Members of the Okinawa office actively participate from upstream processes such as solution proposals and requirement definition, and provide customers with a one-stop service.

Okinawa office location

8F, Hawk City Naha Building, 1-10-24 Matsuo, Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0014 Japan

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