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Kumamoto Office

Kumamoto Office

Kumamoto Office (R&D and system development base for AI and embedded processors) opened on December 1, 2022.

AI and next-generation computing technologies are in demand, in addition to information collection, storage, analysis, security, and other technologies that enable efficient and sophisticated use of large amounts of data. In particular, in fields such as automated driving, robotics, and automation, the importance and value of processing at the edge is increasing, as it is considered essential to decentralize from conventional cloud computing to edge computing, which performs central information processing at the end of the network. The importance and value of processing at the edge is increasing. In particular, since processing must be performed efficiently using limited resources at the edge, AI technology, which can dramatically improve performance, is expected to be utilized.

It is important to see this turning point as an opportunity for significant growth in Japan’s IT industry, and to promote ambitious technological development through industry-academia-government partnerships. In order to put next-generation IoT and M2M to practical use, it is essential to accelerate R&D for the practical application of AI and next-generation computing, and we have established an R&D center in Kumamoto, a center of semiconductor manufacturing.

Kumamoto office location

Kumamoto Forest City Plaza XOSS POINT, 1-14-1 Kasuga, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto 860-0047 Japan