Basic Policy

In Knowledge Creation Technology, we are formulating the knowledge creation technology CSR basic policy based on “corporate vision”, “employees creed”, “Philosophy of Environmental Policy”.
We take it in the making of sustainable society while taking the communication with the society to make peaceful society following forever.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
We perform fair company activity along the purpose of the legislation with the compliance with laws and regulations and meet a society of trust.

2. Promotion of communication with society
We actively listen to the social voice and disclose the necessary business information appropriately widely at a good time and measuring the promotion of the communication with the society as “a open company”.

3. Coexistence with region
It is comfortable and participates in activity to contribute to safety, reliable life positively and cooperates with local healthy development and aim at the coexistence with the region.

4. Contribution to environmental protection
We perform company activity in consideration for environment and contribute to construction of the sustainable society which environment and harmonized economy.

5. Acquisition of customers trust
We provide the products, services and the right information about them to meet the needs of the customer and protect customer information appropriately and manage it and acquire the trust of the customer.

6. Establish trust relationship with suppliers
Build the business relationship with a fair rule and establish a trust relationship with the business partner by smooth communicate and measure the mutual development.

7. Creating an environment to self-implementation of employee
In deference to the personality of the employee, variety, realize fair treatment and make the workplace environment that can show each ability and vitality.

8. Support and understanding of investors, funders
By high company management of fairness and transparency, get understanding and the support of investors and funders.

9. Healthy relationship with politic, administration
Maintain healthy and transparent relationship with politics, the government and do not act the activities to lack in the unfair adhesion and fairness.

10. Dealing with anti-social forces
For social order and antisocial power, the group giving a threat safely, deal in a resolute manner and do not have every relation