Philosophy of Environmental Policy

KCT is approach to the environmental protection is that one of the most important problem of mankind and It is recognized as an important management problem.
We make use of the technology and creativity to be able to have as a knowledge creation company, and “it is rich, and a company idea contributes to development of the sustainable society with the realization of the harmonious society” and incorporating for environmental conservation activity.
In addition, not only comply with environmental laws and regulations related to business activities but also strive to voluntary environmental conservation activities.
Furthermore, to leave a rich social environment in the future, we will pursue to continue advanced action by an action of the whole company.

August, 2010

President Masayuki Kawamura

Action declaration of global warming countermeasures

Knowledge Creation Technology Co . , Ltd declares the following action that is long-term, reduction of ongoing greenhouse gas towards the emission.

● Grasp the energy consumption of the company or office.
● Make long-term action plan for the energy saving.
● Reduce energy consumption by the review and update of the operation of equipment and facilities.
● Promote the use of renewable energy.
● To an employee energy saving action in the workplace and carry out 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair) thoroughly.
● Appeal to employees and their family for energy saving action at home and 4R.
● Work to improve the environmental knowledge of employees.
● Participate in local environmental activity.
● Carry out Cool Biz, Warm Biz.
● Carry out classification of the waste thoroughly.
● Work continually to improve as well as evaluate the results and declared the global warming measures to be executed in the company.

Four measures

KCT carries out the following four environmental measures based on the environmental policy philosophy.

● Promotion of environmental measures

● Green Procurement and Green Purchasing

● Promotion of recycle and reduction of waste

● Environmental Education and Communication

Eco TeKu

It is based on KCT environmental policy idea, an eco-team carrying out 4 policies of KCT.
We were interested in Eco from KCT and started led by employees who wanted to protect environment of the earth.
At the present, “Eco TeKu” is carrying out an environmental activities based on environmental policy of KCT in order to achieve CSR(corporate social responsibility) and encouragement to study at day and night to deepen understanding for the environment, carry out the educational activities to the outside of the company.

Eco Blog

It is the blog which members the eco-team of KCT “Eco TeKu” reports information and activity about Eco.

Eco Blog